July 2018


Installed in Dursunbey town, the plant was commissioned with great success in July 2018.

MAU Insaat is a Konya based Turkish company with a long history in road construction business. The company completed many projects and also has

current projects in many parts of the country. In 2018, they needed a new asphalt plant for their road construction project in Dursunbey/Balikesir. After various discussions and detailed research, they decided to buy a SIGMA asphalt plant.

Being ordered in April, the plant was installed after completion of the concrete foundations by the customer and commissioned in July, 2018.

The plant is fully computer controlled and equipped with four each 70 m³ capacity vertical bitumen tanks electrically heated. One of the tanks is equipped with an agitator for polymer modified bitumen application. Bitumen can easily be brought to the desired temperature with three 12 kW electrical resistances on each tank and bar type heaters at the base. The plant started operating at full capacity in August 2018, and still continues production.

SIGMA delivers as standard a second container under the air-conditioned control cabinet with the electrical power and control panels. The bottom container hosts the air compressor and cable inlets from the field. Thanks to the two containers placed on top of each other, a more aesthetic appearance is provided, while a storage area for necessary tools is created as well.