Jun 2016


SIGMA Compact 2000 with 160 tons/hour capacity has been commissioned in Talas city of Kyrgyzstan in June 2016.

160 tons/hour capacity SIGMA COMPACT 2000 model asphalt plant was shipped from factory in mid-April 2016 by 16 trucks. After a trip of 25 days, the plant arrived at Talas city of Kyrgyzstan. The installation job was done by Sigma technicians with a few Kyrgyz workers in a period of about 4 weeks and the plant was started-up successfully at the end of June, 2016. The plant provides the hot-mix asphalt of the 50 km long road project in Talas contracted by the company. Being fully computer controlled, the plant is equipped with two off 50 m3 capacity thermal oil heated bitumen tanks and a 1.000.000 kcal/h thermal oil heater. A 35 tons capacity hot-mix product silo and a 10 tons oversize/ overflow silo are also included at the plant.

The key feature of COMPACT type SIGMA asphalt plants is that it has been engineered to fully fit in 40 ft containers, leading to an economical and safer transport to overseas countries. Due to this important advantage, SIGMA Compact type plants are preferred in many export destinations including Nigeria, Tanzania, Sultanate of Oman and Kyrgyzstan where the plants are operating with great success.