November 2021

SIGMA COMPACT 2000 model asphalt plant operation successfully in Vladikavkaz city of Russia since May 2021.

The 160 tons/ hour hot mix asphalt production capacity plant was shipped from factory towards the end of 2020 to Vladikavkaz city located at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. The installation was completed in April and the plant was started-up in May 2021.

Natural gas fuel is used in the plant. In addition to the standard recovered filler silo, it is usual practice in Russia to have another silo for mineral filler. For this purpose, the plant is equipped with two filler silos of 55 tons capacity each. Since two types of filler are used in the mix, two separate elevators and two intermediate hoppers with dosing screws to feed the filler scale had to be included in the scope of supply. Bitumen is heated by thermal oil, so the plant is equipped with a thermal oil heater as well.

The computer-controlled plant has an automatic fibre dispensing unit and a 72 tons hot mix asphalt capacity product silo. Two different types of hot mix asphalt can be stored in the compartments of the hot mix silo with the option of direct discharge through the central chute.