August 2022

COMPACT 1750 model plant with 140 tons/hour production rate is equipped with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement feeding system.

Being ordered by SIGMA distributor in Italy, the 140 tons/hour capacity asphalt plant was shipped in 17 each 40 ft containers. The installation started in early June and the plant was started-up successfully in July 2022 after completion of the test runs including the RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) feeding system.

Installed in southern Italy, the plant uses LPG gas as fuel and bitumen and plant components are heated by electrical heaters. Two types of hot-mix product can be stored inside the two compartments of the 72 tons capacity finished product silo or discharged directly into the truck by the central direct discharge chute.

The asphalt plant operates fully automatic and computer controlled. The reclaimed material transferred to the RAP Tower is weighed and the pre-determined amount is dosed into each batch of the mixer. The dryer exit temperature is increased to a higher level based on the humidity of virgin aggregates and RAP material as well as the ratio of RAP feed into the mix.